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    Private communications networks are independent, purpose-built networks that are privately owned and operated by the enterprise. This eliminates external dependencies, reduces operating costs, and significantly enhances the network’s security level. The visibility of information and data exchanges is fully isolated from the public network. The enterprise is in full control over the network and its operations.

Spectrum availability

While the technology for private mobile network deployment has already been available with previous generations of mobile communications standards, the lack of spectrum availability has historically limited the actual deployment. With the introduction of 5G technology, this is now changing, and various alternative options are available to the industry. The introduction of shared spectrum (MulteFire / CBRS / NR-U), as well as the adaptation of new business models beyond network slicing, are accelerating the provision of 5G in many countries. This includes the allocation of dedicated industry spectrum by the regulatory authorities.

With access to spectrum and our GuardStack software suite, you are able to build, monitor, and operate a self-contained, secure, state-of-the-art LTE or 5G communications network fully independently without external dependencies. 

Smart Factory

GuardStack provides a vendor-agnostic integration platform, which allows industry verticals to integrate 5G NR technology into their existing backbone and access infrastructure. The platform contains 4G/5G SA Core functions and has been designed to hide the complexity of heterogeneous networks from the operator. The administration is provided by a single intuitive user-interface that does not require a telecommunication engineer to operate the network.

Designed for challenging military use-cases at the tactical edge, GuardStack provides a state-of-the-art security concept, offering true network mobility and reliability enabled by a self-healing mesh topology.

This allows instant and remote access to databases; real-time data analysis; geo-location services; and other applications, all of them designed to assist industrial customers in performing their business more efficiently and safely.

Innovation Trial Kit

A wireless network infrastructure is the central building block to start your digital transformation and the next step towards "Industry 4.0". Use cases vary from driverless transport systems, the interconnection of buildings and production sites, or predictive maintenance of machines. GuardStack Platform software is explicitly designed to meet and exceed the most stringent requirements for critical communication networks.

Various mines, manufacturing sites, utilities, and ports have already built Private Campus Networks to enable their digitalization ambitions. See how they can provide the required connectivity and security for different use cases such as smart manufacturing, business-critical communications, and hyper-mobile networks.

Spectrum Licensing

Traditionally, spectrum has only been allocated to network operators. With the introduction of 5G, many countries around the globe are starting to license spectrum for industrial use. In Germany for instance, BNetzA, the federal network agency has allocated 100MHz of spectrum in the 3700MHz-3800MHz band to private companies.

Our experts can help interested customers understand 5G spectrum requirements, including spectrum reports, spectrum auction tracking, and spectrum pricing. Together with GuardStack, our multi-functional, highly adaptive platform, and access to spectrum you are able to deploy and administer your own 5G network.

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With an area of approximately ten square kilometers and about 39,000 employees, the BASF site in Ludwigshafen is the world’s largest integrated chemical complex. As the headquarters of BASF, it is also the cradle of the Verbund concept, where production facilities, energy flows, and logistics are networked together intelligently in order to utilize resources as efficiently as possible.

In order to ensure a trouble and failure-free operation, BASF invests in an own private LTE network consisting of GuardStack Platform and Airspan base stations. The BASF LTE network transmits the control and video data to the AGVs which are integrated into a site network infrastructure, operated as an AGV Campus Network.

Normalization across Multivendor Environments

Network Monitoring

Open Transport & Radio Architecture
Real-Time Analysis with PSM Support
Secure Mesh- Flow/SDN for Self-forming MANET
Secured Service Domain Seperation

4G EPC / 5G C

Advanced Alerting System

The Stacks



GuardStack Application offers a trusted, isolated virtual environment for fast integration of 3rd party applications. The embedded default Application features a common, intuitive and universal interface for all end-user services.

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GuardStack Security offers end-to-end secure information exchange over multi-level security domains with “red” and “black” separation. A group key method without a centralized key coordinator enables Mobile Ad-hoc Networks.

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GuardStack Platform provides a secure, interoperable and self-controlled digital end-to-end service middleware for highly mobile and dynamic communication services. It is vendor agnostic and contains embedded cellular 4G and 5G SA functions.

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GuardStack Management offers an all-in-one, multi-vendor network administration and monitoring tool providing holistic situational awareness over complex heterogenous networks in a simplified operations view.

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