GuardStack is the trusted, interoperable and self-controlled digital end-to-end service platform for highly mobile and dynamic critical communication services.

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About GuardSTACK

GuardStack Software Suite has been specifically designed to address the most stringent communications and information sharing requirements armed forces are facing at the tactical edge.
Providing a foundation of trusted middleware to enable mission- and business critical communications, GuardStack ensures security, interoperability, network mobility and operability using government transparent source code to meet national security standards.

Microsoft Azure Stack Customer Story

A military scenario using Azure Stack Edge devices
All-in-one critical-communications network using Azure Stack When establishing GuardStack we had aimed to simplify and enhance mission-critical communications through strategic software products. Therefore, we have developed an all-in-one archi...

GuardStack 5G network selected as a winner for the 2020 Intelligent Manufacturing Award

With the Microsoft Intelligent Manufacturing Award (MIMA), Roland Berger and Microsoft recognise digital solutions from companies in the manufacturing industry that are driving the change towards Industry 4.0 with innovative ideas and creativ...

Reference Case BASF: Automated Guided Vehicles

Overview With an area of approximately ten square kilometers and about 39,000 employees, the BASF site in Ludwigshafen is the world’s largest integrated chemical complex. As the headquarters of BASF, it is also the cradle of the Verbund concept...

What is SWaP? The GuardStack Approach

SWaP stands for Size, Weight, and Power – in this context it typically describes the reduction of the overall dimensions and weight of a device while increasing its efficiency and lowering the overall footprint. The acronym emerged mainly from mil...


GuardStack Compound is a network-oriented open-transport infrastructure and enables flexible integration of various access and transmission media. This ultimately leads to an environment in which networks of information flows can be achieved independent of available access technology.

All applications and data belonging to the information security domain are at the user’s disposal as long as the user carries a GuardStack secured device. Relevant data is presented to the tactical user, tailored to the role and task, enabling the user to carry out operational duties as effectively and efficiently as possible. This secure information availability is key to the Network Centric Warfare paradigm.

GuardStack Compound is a highly secure, dynamic and self-organizing communications infrastructure with simplified user-interface and provides the foundation for future-proof critical communication at the far edge.

The Stacks

All Stacks enable the end-users to carry out their operational duties as efficiently as possible.



GuardStack Application offers a trusted, isolated virtual environment for fast integration of 3rd party applications. The embedded default Application features a common, intuitive and universal interface for all end-user services.

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GuardStack Security offers end-to-end classified information exchange over unclassified transmission networks and multi-level security domains with “red” and “black” separation. A Group key method without a centralized key coordinator enables MANET operations at the tactical edge.

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GuardStack Platform provides a secure, interoperable and self-controlled digital end-to-end service middleware for highly mobile and dynamic communication services. It is vendor agnostic and contains embedded cellular 4G and 5G SA functions.

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GuardStack Management offers an all-in-one, multi-vendor network administration and monitoring tool providing holistic situational awareness over complex heterogenous networks in a simplified operations view.

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