• About GuardStack

    GuardStack provides a trusted middleware to enable mission and business critical communications with enhanced security, interoperability and network mobility using government open source code to meet national security standards.

About GuardSTACK

GuardStack Software Suite has been specifically designed to address the most stringent communications and information-sharing requirements facing armed forces at the tactical edge.

Providing a foundation of trusted middleware to enable mission critical communications, Guardstack’s Tactical Core ensures security, interoperability and network mobility using government open source code to meet national security standards.

About GuardStack

GuardStack is a product portfolio developed by blackned – a high-tech software manufacturer and specialist for mission-critical communication systems, based in Bavaria, Germany. GuardStack offers command, control and communication solutions to bring services to the end-user at any time without delay and interruptions. GuardStack Software Suite addresses the most stringent communications and information sharing requirements armed forces are facing at the tactical edge. The solution efficiently and effectively manages the ever-changing communications conditions presented in harsh environments.

The patented MeshFLOW mechanism guarantees service delivery at all times and enables real-time communication across all levels of a corresponding command and control hierarchy. Our Mission Critical Push-to-Talk over Cellular and Push-to-Video solutions follow the Anytime and Anywhere communication approach aligned to an always-on strategy. Therefore, GuardStack provides a secure middleware, connecting innovative and emerging broadband technologies such as 4G/5G with tactical radio communication technology such as long-range VHF and UHF. The platform-independent GuardStack Collaboration Client serves as the key to the connection, integration and use of legacy radios in a robust and path-independent IP communication solution and therefor guarantees a cost efficiency transition. As a result, we have developed into one of Europe's leaders in the design and operation of deployable and highly mobile tactical cellular networks.

About blackned

blackned GmbH, which was founded in 2009 by the managing director Timo Haas, offers industry-specific software and hardware products, services and customer-specific solutions in the field of dedicated, highly mobile and tactical communication networks.

As a medium-sized privately-owned company, we offer services and products specifically tailored to our customers, which differ significantly from our competitors. Our team consists of numerous highly qualified IT and communication specialists who deal with the latest technology on a daily basis. The modern and flexible corporate structure of blackned GmbH enables a highly dynamic allocation of resources and promotes the transfer of expertise between the business areas.

blackned GmbH consists of two main business areas, the “Products” business unit, which specialises in the development of end-user-oriented software and hardware products for mission- and business-critical applications, and the “Projects” business unit, which is responsible for on-time and on-budget project execution.

The projects include the planning and integration of complex IT and communication systems, the implementation of technology studies and ICT consulting. Our advice is independent of the manufacturer, always tailored to the needs and requirements of our customers. With these two divisions, we can offer our customers an all-around full-service package.

The establishment of a large international partner and customer network and the realization of various IT projects at the highest level for companies as well as public authorities are a special feature of the success of our business concept. This is confirmed by the considerable growth and continuous development that the employees and the products have experienced since the foundation of the company.

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