• Public Safety

    The public safety communications community has started to deploy broadband capabilities to work more efficiently, thereby increasing first-aiders' situational awareness.

    GuardStack bridges emerging real-time 4G/5G services and existing critical radio communication services. It provides a secure, vendor and technology agnostic, self-healing and easy to manage end-to-end network.

Rapidly Deployable Network

The frequency in natural disasters continues to increase globally with 409 incidents recorded in 2019 alone. Whenever a natural disaster strikes, existing communications infrastructure can be severely impacted at a time when first responders need it most. GuardStack’s software suite has been designed to enable a portable Broadband network providing decentralized services when existing infrastructure is unavailable. Capable of being rapidly deployed within minutes, GuardStack is easy to operate for non-communication professionals.

GuardStack provides a natively embedded set of services such as Voice/PTT, Messaging and enhanced broadband services such as Video, Data, Geo Mapping for first responders. Each node operates as a fully stand-alone network and is able to scale by simply adding additional instances. As a reliable partner for our public safety networks, we rely on Nokia for our cellular cores.

Key features

Embedded 4G EPC / 5GC

GPS for First Responder Tracking

Secure Mesh- Flow/SDN for Self-forming MANET
Secured Service Domain Seperation
Integrated VoIP PBX
Decentralized Push-to-Talk (PTT) and Video
Tactical Radio Interoperability
Open Transport & Radio Access Architecture

Decentralized Edge Services

GuardStack software platform is able to operate on any edge computing hardware to enable decentralized, rapid deployable communication services.
Additional 3rd party broadband services can be flexibly added through a unified operation & maintenance interface. Multiple platform instances form a self-healing compound of meshed nodes, providing critical communication services through any available access or transmission technology.
Embedded, decentralized realtime applications such as video provide real-time situational awareness to enable faster and fact base decision making.

The backpack integration kit (BIK) is one possible hardware solution for disaster recovery / events and contains all components to integrate and operate the full end-to end network.

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First Responder Network

The GuardStack Platform comprises a secure, government open- and vendor-agnostic integration platform for multiple technologies including UAVs; body cameras; and CCTV surveillance. This allows end users to benefit from instant and remote access to databases; real-time data analysis; geo-location services; monitoring of bio-vital signs; and other applications, all of which have been designed to assist first responders in performing their mission more efficiently and safely. Integrating these capabilities together, the GuardStack software suite provides dynamically self-adjusting connectivity and a virtual environment for additional real-time applications. 

Rapidly Deployable

When a disaster strikes, recovery teams must be able to access communication services immediately in order to save life and operate efficiently. GuardStack has been designed with the first responder in mind, easy deployable within minutes and in challenging environments even without deep technical expertise.

Mobile Network

Communication Networks must be independent from physical location, flexible in deployment and able to operate on the move.
GuardStack enables the network to follow the mission wether it is airborne, vehicular or maritime

Local Provisioning

Special situations might require that outside agencies need to be able to participate in network services such as group communications.
With GuardStack, SIM cards can be easily provisioned on site, delivering instant network access when every second counts.

Easy to Operate

First Responders require communication technology which is reliable and easy to use. GuardStack can be deployed and operated by first responders with limited technical background. It features a simplified, single UI for all network components and applications, ensuring network availability, when it is needed the most


Whenever the maximum capacity is reached or range must be extended, a second GuardStack instance can be deployed. Once the systems detect each other, the network is extended without manual intervention.

The Stacks

The Stacks synergize with each other seamlessly, enabling the users to carry out their operational duties as effectively and efficiently as possible. This eliminates the need for complicated and costly integration of 3rd party solutions.


GuardStack Application offers a trusted, isolated virtual environment for fast integration of 3rd party applications. The embedded default Application features a common, intuitive and universal interface for all end-user services.

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GuardStack Security offers end-to-end classified information exchange over unclassified transmission networks and multi-level security domains with “red” and “black” separation. A Group key method without a centralized key coordinator enables MANET operations at the tactical edge.

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GuardStack Platform provides a secure, interoperable and self-controlled digital end-to-end service middleware for highly mobile and dynamic communication services. It is vendor agnostic and contains embedded cellular 4G and 5G SA functions.

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GuardStack Management offers an all-in-one, multi-vendor network administration and monitoring tool providing holistic situational awareness over complex heterogenous networks in a simplified operations view.

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