What is SWaP? The GuardStack Approach

SWaP stands for Size, Weight, and Power – in this context it typically describes the reduction of the overall dimensions and weight of a device while increasing its efficiency and lowering the overall footprint. The acronym emerged mainly from military requirements and industry trends towards smaller, more powerful devices.

SWaP in a Military Context

The use of low SWaP has increased significantly in the military environment in recent years. As missions require increasingly mobile and flexible forces, the need for devices with low SWaP has increased. Additionally, the size of the squads have diminished, while the packs of soldiers have enlarged to compensate for the low crew capacity. These factors make the development of low-SWaP devices even more critical. Optimizing all mission-critical equipment is a current priority of today’s armed forces. 

SWaP in Communications

GuardStack provides the secure middleware, connecting innovative and emerging broadband technologies such as 4G/5G with tactical radio communication technology such as long-range VHF and UHF.

Our products have been specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of soldiers and first responders. Therefore, GuardStack mobilizes the network itself, delivering service continuity with a network that always follows the mission. It features an end-to-end software solution, integrating many functionalities into the software, that previously required heavy and bulky hardware components.

The holistic network view can be accessed by fixed, central consoles or remotely with smartphones or tablets using standard internet browsers. Furthermore GuardStack eliminates the necessity to persist data in different places and all the intricacies that would come with it. The size and weight (SWaP) saved thereby enormously reduces the load capacity of the soldiers.

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What is GuardStack?

GuardStack Software Suite addresses the most stringent communications and information sharing requirements armed forces and first responders are facing at the tactical edge. 
GuardStack ensures security, interoperability, network mobility and operability using government transparent source code to meet national security standards. Thereby enabling mission- and business critical communications.


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