Microsoft Azure Stack Customer Story

All-in-one critical-communications network using Azure Stack

When establishing GuardStack we had aimed to simplify and enhance mission-critical communications through strategic software products. Therefore, we have developed an all-in-one architecture that unifies management, platform, security, and application layers under one common hybrid solution. By integrating Microsoft Azure Stack Hub and 5G radio into this architecture, we fill the gaps between traditional communication networks and the stringent requirements of the tactical edge. The resulting always-on connectivity enables teams to communicate more effectively and to make faster decisions, potentially saving lives in high-risk situations.


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“With our GuardStack distributed architecture and Azure hybrid cloud services, critical real-time services are available to the dismounted soldier at the far edge of the network.”

– Joerg Ambrozy: Managing Director GuardStack

Overcoming challenges in the field

Military applications come with unique challenges. “You’re in a scenario that’s completely unpredictable,” says Joerg Ambrozy, Managing Director for GuardStack. “You may plan your mission, but by the time you deploy it, the mission is already going in a different direction.” Traditional networks limit how quickly dismounted soldiers can respond to these changing conditions because there’s no static connectivity to ensure that critical services are available at all times.

On the battlefield, the situation is extremely dynamic. As vehicles, helicopters, and soldiers move around, the network moves with them. Coverage areas and connections can disappear without notice. When they do, soldiers need to dynamically shift between various access and backbone technologies, which cuts off critical services in a traditional network.

Timo Haas, CEO, founded blackned to solve this problem. As he says, “The network needs to follow the mission, not the other way around.” To that end, the company has developed a full hybrid stack solution, GuardStack, that requires just a computing unit to run its end-to-end infrastructure services. Enhanced services require additional computing capability.

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What is GuardStack?

GuardStack Software Suite addresses the most stringent communications and information sharing requirements armed forces and first responders are facing at the tactical edge. 
GuardStack ensures security, interoperability, network mobility and operability using government transparent source code to meet national security standards. Thereby enabling mission- and business-critical communications.


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